French highlights

Hola 🙂 Holding off on the Take That details for now, I must simply list things I’ve done so far. This is not a braggin’ rites kinda thing, it’s more to show you the wonders of France and the benefits of knowing another language 🙂

On commence:
1. Eating fois gras BBQ…that is the richest liver pate out there melting on a grill…imagine…I get stuffed just thinking about it!

2. Cycling around le parc de la Tete d’or in Lyon with its amazing deer, giraffe, botanical and rose gardens, exotic plants section, gorgeous green lake etc. (one of the best parks I’ve ever seen) and guess what, all this stuff is FREE!

3. Cremieu, which is the cutest little medieval town where Mika and SB live with walls and castles dating back to the XIII century! wowza!

4. Eating and drinking French style–I’ve discovered the art of le sirop. Fruit flavoured syrups make your water colourful and uber delicious. Did you know pate tastes better when it’s covered in a flaky crust? Yup, tis true and I think it’s called pate-croute but I could be wrong 🙂

5; Drinking deserves its own mention. The art is that you drink to appreciate (drunkness no good). I love me some kir (cassis/current or peach syrup in white wine) but I’ve tried Cremieu-brewed beer, pastis (licorice:annise flavour) with water or coke which is a true French classic and I’m starting to like rose wine again…a blend of red and white never felt so good! Yum, in moderation bien sur 🙂

6. Manicured gardens and so many types of flowers and trees that my poor lil allergic eyes can’t stop tearing up 🙂 IT4S SO BEAUTIFUL HERE and I think I’ve taken so many plant pics that I will have to spend a whole month once I’m back at home just sorting through the tree pics!

7. Natural sceneries…I went to Annency which is bidding for the 2018 winter games and it’s a lake town at the foot of the Alps. Ahhhh now that’s what I call a ski town but it is gorgeous in the summer too as we pedal-boated round the lake and there was a outside waltzy ball where ppl were just twirling around just beside the lake! You don’t get that in Canada!

Of course there are a million more things I love about being here but I gots to go explore Toulouse so adieu, it’s time to say GOODBYE…I have no idea why The Sound of Music is constantly running through my head but it must be the melodic peace that I’m feeling on this trip 🙂

CIAO xoxoxoxox smoochies! cn

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