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Being in Europe means learning about this type of lifestyle….I pity North Americans who have only a few weeks of vacation and who therefore have to rush round all day long seeing world-class sights and not having the time to really appreciate them.

But I digress….I’m in BCN avec ma famille :0) Well, the older members actually as the younger members are at home in Canada.

Reunion occurred at the train station as I was greeted by my dad’s everlasting smile and bien sur, no hug from older bro but we’re just not like that. Mom was in the apartment chilling out and cooking and it was better that way since I had a heavy, heavy bag and a massive hand-sized bruise to match…not so many elevators in France and I knew it would prob be the same at my bro’s place.

[/caption]daddy and me on windy day on the way down from 65m of stairs!

After a couple hours, it felt like home and like we don’t live on different continents…family is good that way  Parents repeating themselves over and over and all of us bossing each other around.

note my plate vs my bro´s!

note my plate vs my bro´s!

OK so the Cathy take on travel is not to see everything anymore b/c chances are that I’ll be back in these places one of these days….not so sure about BCN but at the same time, I have an espagnol-obsessed sister so it could happen and also, the architecture here is to die for so it should happen.
But the key is quality and being lazy, not rushing round half the world anymore.

– Antonio Gaudi and his fantastical creations…the key to joy-inducing, colourful palaces and rooftops is apparently wealthy patrons but hey it works and contributes to the world’s riches.

– Spanish tapas even though I have only had one night’s worth! Eating like a North American buffet master sometimes hinders appreciation but alas tis me  And yes I spilled my peach gelato into my hands and onto my mom….I am not the elegant daughter she wished for 

– THE BEACH! Man me and the rents were apprehensive bout the nudity but alas I will say it right here: I PREFER THIS FREEDOM AND THE PACKED, HOT BEACH MENTALITY HERE TO VIETNAM ANY DAY. You would never see a VNese elderly couple tanning and holding hands in the water like we saw today. There were grampas teaching their grandkids to swim and rub water on themselves…a topless pregnant mother…golden tans and happy, healthy people.

– Reading Gary Barlow’s autobiography and loving every minute of it! I know this is not a city-specific joy but of course it was the best way to beat the heat and man is it hot here…no A/C inside and though there’s def a breeze, it is not enuf during the hot noon hours. I love TAKE THAT and I love GB soooooooooooooooooo much and of course the book only confirms this> One disappointment is that he now lives in London but I don’t really know how to stalk him and I missed my chance earlier in July!

Gary Barlow´s book: I wish I could´ve been his editor!

Gary Barlow´s book: I wish I could´ve been his editor!

Off to Roma tomorrow for the second time! Yeah to revisiting the Vatican and eating pasta and pizza….I am looking forward to going home to exercise though….the Euro diet for me is much too much!

Xoxoxoxoxox love u Cathy

PS all the squares really should be either 🙂 or 🙁 You know which ones I use more :)))))))))

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