So tonight, I’m gonna find a way to make it….(inspired by Alicia kinda)

Man, it’s 6:21 am in Ho Chi Minh City and though at least hmmm 60 million locals are probably up and about, this is rare for me….the last time I was up at this hour was….oops, it was Lunar New Year for the past few weeks… so let me rephrase that, the last time I was up at 6am in my NORMAL life in Vietnam was so long ago that I can’t even remember! I’m saying it was at least a year ago…I have to say that I don’t miss those 6am flights to Danang or Phu Quoc at all 🙂

So why am I up anyway? I’m not an early riser. Well, truth be told, I’ve been up since 3:30 and I went to bed at 1am. What’s the deal, crazy lady? That’s what I said at about 3 after tossing and turning for awhile.

Again, this rarely happens to me. I usually snooze like a log and delay my alarm for an hour each morning. I can sleep to 11 without feeling guilty but when I sleep til 3PM, I’ve got issues! But once I’m in this state, I gotta get up cuz there’s no more use in pretending that I’ll be sleeping anymore.


So what to do? Well, I’ve been listening to Alicia Keys, just this one song, for about 3.5 hours. Can you see that I can obsess easily about things?

So tonight, I’m gonna find a way to make it…
–without sleeping
–without complaining (failed already! Oops!)
–without bothering too many friends on Skype and text and intl phone calls (I think I’ve contacted almost 10 ppl in the past 3hrs.)

The only reason I can think of for being awake at this hour for me is: EXCITEMENT!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
March seems to be the month for me for all my life in Vietnam.
2007: Ended internship at the University of Danang and got hired by EMW
2008: Started documentary film project for East Meets West Foundation (life-changing and breath-taking experience)
2009: Completed my full-time contact at EMW and entered the world of work instability and freelance (and sleeping to noon :))
2010: Have new development projects looming (school and house construction!) and suddenly the mind is on fire!

It’s so interesting but in my life, when it rains, it definitely pours! So it seems like it’s goodbye chill time and hello multi-tasking. I just have to make an effort to not be a workaholic this time 🙂 So on this sleepless night, I have thought about and actually started three new projects! And have reconnected with numerous ppl who I kinda neglected during my grad school application process.

Kiss kiss to all!

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