Good news bears

That’s what we all should be: a bundle of joy 🙂 Pourquoi? Parce que la vie est belle, n’est-ce pas?

I think life is more than beautiful: it’s a gift to be cherished at all times. It’s April 2010 now….things go by so quickly that without a half an hour here and there during which I can sit and reflect (or rather swing in my hammock like today!), my brain and life would be a blur. I also want to take time to remember what I’m doing at each moment: so as of now, I’m watching backtracks on Channel V which is ultimately better than MTV Asia so I’m not so sad that they switched the channels sometime last year. Goodbye “The Hills” and hello music videos! In the past few minutes, I’ve seen “Yellow” by Coldplay, old Lighthouse and now it’s Switchfoot….good stuff so far 🙂

I just ate dinner and let me tell you, homemade yogurt can’t be beat! I think I’ll be making it for the rest of my life and seriously, I love it savory in dips like my delish salad dressing of tonight. I also made beef stroganoff, VN style…they said nutmeg and something else, I used cinnamon and oregano…it all works 🙂 And yogurt was used instead of sour cream.

This weekend was jam-packed and gorgeous: rockclimbing, a Saigon boat cruise dinner with my neighbours, cruising on the best motorbike out there (Airblade, I love u!), donuts (I haven’t eaten any for THREE years!), a LUSH shower and intro’ing a friend to my fave product….twas just great as most days are in this life.

group pic in front of Tau Saigon (sgn ship)

my neighbours: so cute couple!

my neighbours: so cute couple!

delish vn lotus root salad with seafoodfried chicken and sweet sticky rice = good combo!

Lately, I’ve been living out my dreams I think: I was finally able to cruise to Cam Ranh Bay from Nha Trang along the coastal, mountainous road and I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple years (this is all near my gram’s house) but I never had anyone to go with…until now! I’m also working on a couple writing/editing projects for two local non-profit orgs in town and I feel really confident doing this work. I guess after living here for almost four years, I finally know what I’m doing…sorta! It’s nice to be working and feeling like it’s exactly what I should be doing. Oh yea! As I’m going to be leaving in the summer, I realize that VN has been quite good to me and that I’m gonna miss a lot of things after this VN voyage is over.


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