California Dreamin’? Hmmm…..

Not really, though I am super excited to be headed to Huntington Beach and Oakland/SF this summer 🙂

When I was working in an office, I used to take blog reading breaks but now that I’m freelancing, I hardly check out my fave blogs anymore. But I did today and seriously, I really admire peeps who can menu plan and stick with it for the whole week. My brain doesn’t work that way but I do salivate over their plans.

Today I saw: French dip in a slow cooker and ham scalloped potatoes and man, was I motivated!

Mmm donuts!

I have been dreaming of this for years and I let an opp to buy one here in VN slip through my fingers…or was that in Canada now….? SO even though I will not be living in Canada for that long (8 months), I will be buying a slow cooker within my first week of having an apartment.

–Habitat for Humanity build (I was translating for an intl team of Poles, French, and Americans)
–riding elephants in Dak Lak Province…coffee plantations, cacao jungle, a bumpy tractor ride….oh yeah 🙂
–published photo journal of VN and actually sold a few 🙂
–started the taxation process for my exit from this country (going well!)
–celebrating baby births (Mickael/Sandra, Kat/Karl et Jacob/Hye Jung)
–bake off with em Han! (I have 4 choco/zuch loaves to give away!)

ain't he the cutest?

–India trip for Worldwide Community Schools
–return to Danang or rather Hoi An and motobiking in the mountains!
–trip planning for Celly and papa 😉 Enfin Ankor Wat here I come 🙂
–picking up my outlandish Parisian-designed navy and brown outfit complete with crazy checkered silk leggings 🙂
–tidying house: amen for my cleaning lady, she is amazing!
–packing for Canada and visiting amazing ppl all over the continent
–digital Japanese perm!
–weddings ALI and MK all in one year? YIPPEE!!!!!
–oh yeah, grad school in Ottawa hehehehehh 🙂

Cuc n me playing helicopterjolly ol' tractor riding

–recent WB contract (paid for my shopping spree!)
–my life, quite exciting of late and I am not taking it for granted
–friends in the city and on the TELEPHONE 🙂
–cheap phone plan: after all the stress, Mobiphone u r good to me!
–my printer/publishing team and Photoshop designer who helped me come up with a beautiful product 🙂
–Sunday church refreshment with great messages, good friends, and awesome music
–affordable cost of living in HCMC (moto, cheap veggies, amazing gym for low, low price etc….)
–believe it or not, the hot and humid heat! = dresses and cute shoes all day every day 😉
–hilarious, trusting parents who just laugh at whatever I say
–perfect “coincidences” nah, it’s the perfect timing of life in harmonious tune with the truth…I’m going to a Hanson concert in September = what a blessing!

UPDATE ME PLEASE!!!!!did somebody say pool n sauna party?Phu Nhuan Towers: heated pool

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