Happy 2011

I don’t know what happened last year but seems like I didn’t spend a minute reflecting. However, this year I am most appreciative of the new year and the fine opportunity to look back, reminisce, and plan/prepare a little for 2011.

2010 went by in a flash. It was a strange one alrite: in summary, it was a little like this:

dinner with hong for nye at refinery, tutor, illness-dengue/flu?, friends’ support, lots of love, gloom to hope to thrill to grace, TET (Lunar NY), parties, ladies’ nites, dancing, fire near Somerset, Denise, Aletta, flower markets, bread and yogurt making, granola, gym with hong and kai, meeting with ross and b etc. swimming outdoors, teaching Agnes and playing with the kiddies, French, work again, Habitat, line dancing regularly, donuts and rockclimbing, money, WCS and meeting with Charles, may and april fun times, dak lak and elephants, HFHV field trip, Hoi An with Kai, Hula, NT for grams, clothes for cheap, Paris shop with Elizabeth and donuts and bubble teas all for under $5, photo journals print, dimsums Ocean Palace with Mimi and Van, June = family trips, Celly and Cambodia, cuz P.A. and daddy, Dalat, NT, beaches with friends E and Huy and fried banh baos 5k VND, P.Quoc seastar resort, Ana Mandara, rain, motorbikes, Vnese all around, work WCS, rushing, packing, altering clothes, selling journals, ILV fun, Denise Princesse d’Annam, bstudies, july japan mochi, goodbyes, parties, Harvest bakery, swimming and pool parties, LA, Oakland, Vancouver, shock, lots of luggage, weddings, family, school onwards to sept-dec, adjustments and snow!

= basically a wonderful, wonderful year!

I’m enjoying 2011. I have a couple goals and really want to vacuum my room this weekend. I am eating well. Scones yesterday, mint-choco cookies soon!

I should start taking pics again too. These are stolen from my friend 🙂

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