Geneva: 3 days in

Wait, 3 days of work now and actually 5 days in.

Now for random thoughts.

The walk home: I meander Genevois streets and take a leisurely stroll along the Lake Evian (not 100% this is the name yet…! part of Lake Geneva maybe?!) to embrace the beauty and liveliness of the boardwalk. Today was great as I am slowly getting used to the landmarks and seeing the same vendors trying to lure tourists and there are lots of tourists which is fun too. An Asian man gave me a slight bow/nod yesterday…it was sweet 😉 So today I walked right along the water so I could see the waves and hear their calming rhythmic rolling that I so love, being from Vancouver and all. I’m a water baby even though I don’t swim that well. I see swans and ducks and other elegant sea birds..they are so majestic and make me want to look up their species. I will take pics soon but I am phoneless (feels quite nice) and haven’t had the camera on me just yet. So swans sense humans and they stopped in front of me and let me coo and cluck at them. I like the black knobs above their beaks and their black feet. The animals are a good size, plump and seem content, basking in the sun and cleaning their feathers. One dived for some seaweed and reminded me of my friends who love to eat that stuff too. Nine ducklings were present today too. I’ll go back on the weekend to read and chill.

got 'em on camera!

Work: only 3 days in but I know I’ll have such good times. It’s all wonderful. It’s a dream job. I love every minute and would stay longer every night, but I don’t have to as my boss is very good with the work–life balance and so I will attempt to do this also. A colleague offered to show me the surrounding parks and play mah jong, a Chinese “board game” sorta so that is great. And I’ll try pilates tomorrow so Operation Healthy and Fit is underway! (I use my new shoes 2moro!)

Food and groceries: WOW! European living is tres confortable! I could stay in the shops for hours on end but at least one is close to work so I can spend 30mins daily if I want to gawk and find fun things to eat. Caviar is just $5 so yeayyyy that will be my fun “go-to” food. Some things are ridiculous and then others are just right. Geneva is a mixed bag of prices so you just have to look carefully. Meat is pricier. Wine is too–well certain brands. Macarons and salad are decently priced and cheese is a deal, but don’t go too crazy on that stuff or else you’ll be a milk and butterball sooner than you think! Well, I know I would so I have to moderate what I eat. Cooking is so fun. Ahhhhhhhhhh I enjoy a well stocked kitchen. Today I made apple, turnip, and pork stirfry with an OJ-honey-soy sauce. YUM! Veggies are great here 🙂

It’s 11:30 at night and girl is pooped. I’m gonna try to sleep more but b/w house stuff and fun work with a daily walking commute and a change from comfy shoes to heels and makeup and all that other girly stuff, it’s a fun and full-ish life 🙂 So happy to be here and so happy to live with friends who have made my adjustment so much easier!

Hearts n hugs to all1!!!! xooxoxoxox Cathy
But PRAY, do tell me what you’re up too also!

  1. Hey I remember those ducks! I was there for a few days in February one year. It was so c-c-c-c-old. And expensive. It’s up to you to live the true experience!

  2. Not sure what is “real” anyway…We just share our experiences. But glad u n me have seen the duckies!!!!! So where r we meeting yet??? PS Bring Mel too!