Geneva: turning lemons into lemonade LITERALLY!

C’est dimanche. Je suis arrivee hier vers midi….yesterday was a tourist day but today was for chillin’ 😛

Soooo I unpacked and while examining the kitchen (I’m staying with friends during this stint), I saw a couple moldy lemons in the fruit bowl. So I chucked ’em and rinsed off the others. (My science-minded sisters and friends might say that the spores are harmful and that I should have dumped them all BUT I have lived in a technicolour moldy house (during typhoon & rainy season in Danang, VN) and I’m still here so whatever…)

OK back to the moral of the story: BAD THINGS CAN TURN FOR GOOD. Lemons can be turned into lemonade—> as in, we can transform what’s sour (and in this case, kinda moldy) into something delish and sweet! In other words: turn that frown upside-down 🙁 —> 🙂

Check out the pitcher!

European kitchen goodies

So let’s look at the bright side. As I’ve said before, some people are pessimists. Others see the glass half full. My personal glass is overflowing into another one, as my hope for the future is great. Allons-y: drink yummy lemonade!

PS In this true story, the lemons are most likely Italian (= world-renowned, especially from Sorrento) and the pitcher is also from the Amalfi Coast….so things were not really “negative” to begin with…c’mon, girl lives in Europe now: the food here is just ALWAYS good!

PPS I thought of this post b/c once in Vietnam, there was a looonnnngggg power outtage and I had all this kinda expensive bread in my freezer. I didn’t want it all to go bad and I totally couldn’t eat it all. Thankfully, in VN, often the stoves are gas so they still function despite the blackout. Sooooo I made stovetop bread pudding with eggs and condensed milk. It was another food save and my dear friend Nicole said at the time: “You just turned bad to good like lemons to lemonade.” There’s a Bible verse along these lines that says that God turns what was intended for evil into good…I like and believe that 🙂

Peace out peeps!

  1. Actually, i would use the ones that didn’t have mold growing on them. Save them while you can, i guess!