I like people; I try to love more people.

2am and Cathy’s still thinking? Seriously what is wrong with me?

I was on FB today for like a million years…s/o has been on a sugar high (not! I don’t eat either!). And I kept seeing ppl’s LIKES pop up…I wanted to find the LIKE for people but I couldn’t so this is brought to you by that thought…for better or worse.

Why not love ppl? Big small odd quiet tall yellow redhead curly haired bald funny nosy crazy etc strong or weak annoying difficult lame ….we’ve all got it…AND WE GOTTA ACCEPT IT! In ourselves we forgive and we sometimes enjoy. We gotta do that with others too….I say, focus on the good; forgive the bad.



UNLOVELY PEOPLE! Tis the nature of the beast…we can be beastly! I am…some of you are forever STALKED by me. You may think I am darn darn DARN annoying. I am! But hey, maybe you love me!

I can’t resist! BSB!!

You don’t have to love. But I want to…it’s how I was raised by my momma (who learned from our Father): seriously woman overflows and she is uber cheesy! But so kind! And to everyone!!! WTTF? Wow, that’s TRULY FANTASTIC!!!!!

SO THINK ABOUT IT. WHO CAN YOU LOVE MORE? MAYBE IT’S YOURSELF. But ppl react to caring and they can be uplifted. So if you want emotional connection and an overflowing cup of joy, LOVE :)))

OK unless you want more nonsense and cheese, I should STOP..and don’t worry I won’t link to the Spice Girls song or should I…should I??????


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