If I were born in China, I’d be a “leftover woman”

Well, amen to the fact that I’m not! Read link: Romance with Chinese Characteristics !!

Same goes for most of the Asian continent. Me n my parents like to joke that I’m at the old maid stage for a Vietnamese chick but heyyy, that suits me just fine (bien sur, my ‘rents are hoping and praying that I get married asap but they also need to work on their patience!).

Why all the pressure on Asian ladies? Frankly, it’s a hard way to live and for me, I’m so thankful I grew up in Canada where I have multiple opportunities to learn (and continually go to school–and even change my career at any stage–if I want) and choose my partner and BE HIS EQUAL, and well, there is just such a beauty in f-r-e-e-d-o-m and the ability to live out one’s dream and well, DREAM!!! Many people feel that their choices are dictated by their circumstances, but I am a huge proponent of dreaming and seeking and changing. As I’ve mentioned here before, my opinion is that we/me/you live best when we chase our dreams. That’s the way IT SHOULD BE.

Beauty and optimism is all around!

So what about marriage? Most chicas want this eventually, and although I may be past the Asian “due date” (LAME and FALSE pressure!), I don’t care. I am so happy to be where I am, living the life I was meant to have. The truth is, things take time. Love takes time. And you can’t have it all right away or maybe ever….but there are joys and peace and blessings all around and I am single right now AND I love love love my life. So boyfriends may come and ideally a hubby would be in the future but my plans do not have a timeline. So to all of you who may occasionally feel insecure because of cultural expectations, let’s just take a deep breath and CHILLAX! You were born to be you and no one else. It doesn’t really matter what your auntie/grandma/friends think, and you ought not to compare yourself to anyone “back home”, especially from the village! (Whewf, I was born in Port Alberni, BC on Vancouver Island and I know that no comparison is relevant to my current whereabouts so I am free of this harmful tendency that usually makes one feel less confident.

So my current question is: Where are we going?

Many options but what's your dream?

  1. Sing on

    I am lucky that I live far away from my home town at my “marriage due age”. Hahaha but I hope to get married as soon as I get a job, maybe? hahaha ;P