Distance smmmistance! = junk!

It’s just an excuse. You say you don’t email or you think: outta sight outta mind..Riiittttttttttteeeeeee.

These days, distance is overcome. (If that’s what you want…)

I think I am actually more in touch these days (annoyed yet? sorry!!!!) simply b/c I realize that I am not around in person too much. Can’t be on three continents at once so I gotta find a way to be your friend, rite?
In any case, I don’t believe distance is an obstacle. OK fine, it’s a lil one. BUT we can get over it.

SKYPE. FB. GMAIL. ETC…. So many free options! And then if you are willing to pay….(don’t let me get started on cheap phone plans/cards….)

How can you get away? We are so connected these days that I can basically stalk anyone I want, but don’t worry, I save that mostly for my sisters!!!! (Creepy breaths my precioussssss!)

us on a normal day UH HUH! 😉

Sure, takes a bit of investment…sorta!? When jetlagged, I just go online and talk to others in different time zones…What is the problem here? My family has no problem tracking me down and I basically talk to sibling Anh everyday….and we’ve been at a distance for 7 years or so.

SO PLEASE, STOP SAYING THAT DISTANCE IS AN OBSTACLE. Just an excuse and a weak one at that. I won’t accept it….so if that’s what you think/believe/do, YOU’RE LAME!!! Objections anyone?

OK OK just a little point to make but seriously, life expands and distance is more complicated but can be fun. So join me in Geneva 🙂 S’IL VOUS PLAIT????

And for the record, I love quality one-on-one face-to-face time the best. But in case you’re in Canada or Asia and I’m here, we can do smthg else.

LOVE U!!! oxoxoxoxxo

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