PS Did I mention I live in the red-light district?

Not all is rosy in Geneva. Did anyone even know there was such a district here? I thought it was all mountains and cheese but alas ce n’est pas vrai.

It’s quite sad actually. Girls on the streets, hands tied b/c of their pimps. Drug dealers in broad daylight. No violence or issues for me: I’m not their target. But occasionally, I hear terrible things in the middle of the night. Swearing, screaming, fighting 🙁

What can I do? I pray for them.

And I smile. So I walk up the street which is considered “rough” and I say bonjour to the girls. One recognizes me now. She’s sweet. I had a friend who was a prostitute in VN. (A story for another day.) They are people just like us and need our smiles, support, and help…if there’s a way, one just has to wait and see. It’s not the easiest place to help but I don’t give up.

God doesn’t give up either. He loves YOU and ME too too much–just ask him! Love does overcome even if we don’t see it immediately. So pray, love, be available, and keep your eyes open. We never know how a smile or a greeting can affect another person. Neighbours, friends, strangers. Everyone needs a little tender lovin’ care.

My street is particularly odd. One side from the lake to my place is ritzy, $$$, has rich tourists and uber pricy restaurants and bars…This is the way I walk home from work. The other side is gritty, smoky, and has girls and the dealers on the prowl. This is the way I walk TO work.

Don’t worry about me. Think of the girls and the guys out there on the streets. They need help.

Food for thought.

  1. It’s a large mission field. Keep seeding and He wil do the rest. Stay safe and thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks for your words, friends. prayers always appreciated. drop a line and ill pray for you too 🙂