Oh lordie lord: the birds!

This is the REFLECTIVE window outside my office…it lets in the sun! So why is this special…b/c it really is!!!


1) We have a lil red fox outside and two kitty cats too.
2) And then there are the birds.

Sad but true fact: The lil birds often fly right into the windows, attracted by the light and well, er maybe they don’t see them…?

So one day, a wee lil guy SMASHED into the windows…like soo sooo soooo hard and he fell in a thud. I happened to be right there with a colleague and we saw him try to shake it off but he was sooo dizzy. (For a human, this would be the equivalent of bumping your head super duper hard under a table or on a low ceiling.) The lil birdie didn’t know what hit him 🙁 And for for a good 20 minutes, he kinda nodded off and finally fell flat on his lil fuzzy face! 🙁 🙁 It was sooooo sad! But he was still breathing.

So what are two sentimental office workers supposed to do? We called the reception and explained the sitch. AND this was the response: D’accord je comprends et je vais le mentionner a la securite. Si elle n’est pas disponsible, je vais appeler le numero specifique pour les oiseaux qui frappent les vitres C’est tres commun en fait, ces histoires d’oiseaux. Ahem, WHAT? So basically, there is a freakin’ NUMBER for municipal services for birds that smash into WINDOWS?!!!! Yeah, only in Switzerland or Geneva or whatever…woah!

AND also IKEA here sells giant bird outlines that you can paste on your windows so that the lil guys will be afraid and ideally not venture that way….

Soooo what happened to our lil guy? HAPPY ENDING: he recovered…later in the day so that took at least an hour or more!!!!

The guard told me that she saw him fly away and I asked her if she was lying to me since she had also said before that if he didn’t get up, the kitties or fox would EAT him….and she looked me straight in the eye and said that no, in this case, he lived!!!

WOOOHOOOOO! Sometimes good things happen also!

Now for a blessed Sunday, les amis. Adios!

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