Lake AN(H)tics–this Canadian’s style

So I like water. You probably do too. And isn’t clean, shimmering, shallow water just that enticing? I think so!

And after work, well, sometimes we or I, at least need some crisp air and wind to refresh my eyes and brain and shake it all off…


It’s really fun and too “seductive” to resist.


Lake: Hey Cathy, look at me. Hear those waves…you know you want me.

Me: Yes, I do. You know I can’t resist you…but I’m wearing a dress and it could be cold. (In my head, I’m like, Cathy be responsible. You don’t need this. You can walk away.)

Lake: But I’m good for you and I’m fun. Don’t you like fun?

Me: Oh screw it, OKAY! But now I gotta take my socks off…


But hey, it’s not like I’m this way with all things/people I meet 😉

Anyway, I just found the most awesome hidden spot on the lake where you can kinda swing off the boat dock and dip your feet in without too many people seeing you and thinking you’re freaking crazy or uncivilized b/c you just kicked off your shoes and are kinda wearing “fancy pants” clothing.

Side note: did you know PANTS = UNDERWEAR and not TROUSERS in Brit speak? My friend said to me: “I should hope you wear pants–everyday!” LOL

In October, yes, the water is a bit cold so I don’t stay in too long. But while swaying like a seaweed plant with my arms on the deck and my feet sitting pretty, my troubles melt away and I am filled with fun & peace. It’s really good times…and as usual, I’m up for a water buddy. BUT ALAS NO ONE WANTS TO COME–or maybe I haven’t really asked anyone–or maybe I don’t really know anyone who would be interested….WOULD YOU DIP with me?

Now you know I cannot resist a pun.

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