Geneva by the lake–night time edition

Sorry, tis tardy but Annie boo, this is for you–although I write for anyone so HI if we don’t already know each other…

Night time walks are even better–they give a different ambiance.

1) The moon! It shimmers down on me and seems to light up my path all along the lake. Moon + lake, isn’t that GRAKE–great 😛 ?

2) I love sitting outside at this Italian place–still possible but not for long–and having a glass of red and writing in my journal until my hands freeze over 🙂

3) Lights in the city–they keep me safe and unfraid as I walk near the calming “fake” waves of the lake…tres tres relaxant 🙂

4) The silence. Everyone needs their down time and mine is on the way home…others like to run in the dark but you basically won’t ever see me doing that.

What about you? If you could comment b4 the spam gets here, that’s be awesome.

xoxoox cn

  1. Is that why your comments are turned off? I like the second photo. I might just use it as my desktop wallpaper 🙂