RESTART: so many blogging ideas!!!!

So this is the problem with me: I HAVE A BIG MOUTH! This is exactly why I can be a good blogger. My sister says that! DUDE I totally believe it cuz I was just born a chatty, chatty Cathy. And my theory is: if I don’t get those words out, I’d drive everyone I know CRAZZZZZZZY b/c of my babbling…..this is also why I have lots of friends b/c my poor family CANNOT and SHOULD NOT have to listen to my million billion stories UNLESS they want to but let’s be honest, I have a LOUD voice so sometimes they have NO CHOICE!!!! (Apologies dear fams!)

And sooooo, that’s why I should BLOG. B/c the stories get out AND readers CHOOSE whether they wanna read and NO ONE GOES DEAF and my voice gets some rest b/c I swear since I talk so much I won’t be surprised if I grow polyps on my vocal chords and have to get surgery (happened to another chatter lady I know!!!!)

My dear doctor friend JL “diagnosed” me as one who should drink like 15 cups of water a day b/c I get so dehydrated from all that talking!!! LOL I knew that already and man, it is HARD to drink that much but that’s the life of a chatter 😛

Sooooooooooooo I just RESTARTED the blog and immediately a million ideas came to mind so I gotta jot them here so I don’t forget to write about them later…..

1. features on all the streets I’ve worked on and lived on in the WORLDDDDDDDD…it is tooo many!
2. corruption and shady actions in the GVA
3. guest posts if anyone wants the space
4. butter chicken kim chi and other fantastic and DIFFICULT foods
6. the UN duty free shop
7. CERN underground
8. Migrant voices featuring diaspora
9. Japanese Brazilans, my thesis on migration

So much more to come and it’s a good use of my time too.

I like Sam Smith, just like my bff MKS. She inspired this posting as she recommended this song and oh how appropriate it is! xxoo <3

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