The streets where I worked: the walk to RUE DU VAREMBE, GVA

I’ll try to describe where I’ve worked and see if you can conjure up the images. Then I’ll post some pics once this photo uploader is back in action 😛

After a quick 15 minutes walk from the Paquis area aka the RED LIGHT DISTRICT of GVA (not rough at all peeps!), taking my fave lil shortcut thru the tunnel (hello round church and expensive Korean restaurant!) and up the stairs by the fancy condos (I’ve done this a million times so all the images flash thru my mind…)…

Castle or school? It's the latter

Imagine GVA Cathy, a girl in GEOX flats often eating a banana or boiled egg while walking briskly in the streets which is a result of my bad planning (never eat breakfast sitting down) & kinda or probably LATE for work cuz again I cherish sleep too much and plan badly….(but I’m a good worker, ask ‘most’ of my former bosses :P) and so I rush up those stairs then follow the sun for 2 options: I can either go by UNHCR (the refugee agency) or take the church path which I do when the bells are ringing as a reminder of my LATENESS (presque!) 🙂

One of my fave buildings in GVA

OK so then I jaywalk across the street b/c breaking small rules is a-ok in my books, and it gives me a lil ‘thrill’ in the morning–ok so I’m a bit of a sad-ass if that is my version of adventure/rebellion! But this is truly what I think: addicted to jaywalking I am!

Now I’m a bit sweaty b/c I never leave early BUT I AM NOT LATE! That’s b/c my boss says I can start my day anytime before 9:30!!! And I’m always surprised but that walk is really only 15 minutes so even if I’m kinda late, I’m not really late! SCORE!!!! (And yes, my colleagues start earlier and yes they judge me:P We have different bosses with different styles and attitudes to work start times!)

So now I’ve run up the stairs and am at the glass door, ready to punch in the code to get in and drink 2 glasses of water b/c by now I am totally thirsty 😛

…. and that’s how the day starts…rain or shine and even in snow cuz it is never that much in mild GVA!

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