The late night owl edition

I can’t help it. Sometimes, I don’t sleep very well….this often happens to me when I have ideas flowing in my mind. Yet I don’t even feel tired when the adrenaline is running though I must say that all-nighters are now off the table! I need at least 3 hrs of sleep 😛

OK so that was a ramble…do I have a focus with this? OK how about this? Let’s play a game…what are you doing at this moment?

Perhaps b/c I have lived in several time zones (EST PST CET and whatever Vietnam is in) and have had to remember who in the world I can call at whatever time…man, time hour conversions always confuse me. But I can definitely describe what I’m doing at this hour, almost midnight.

–listening to Bastille, courtesy of JH and girl I like them! Blond twins moment 😛
–still shaking from watching the mid-season finale of How To Get Away With Murder….my oh my that was some intense DRAMA!
–slooowwwllly updating blog components 😛 My photo uploader is still broken!
–still addicted to FB though I must try to wean myself off it….how many hours have I wasted in the past 8 years???
–feeling a tingling in my fingers b/c I haven’t typed this much in a very long time!
–just nibbled at my yellowed nails…I was mixing fresh & ground turmeric into chicken yesterday and it stained my hands, the wooden spoon, the chopping board etc…(normally I’m not a nail biter so that was weird!)

OUCH ok my fingers really hurt so I think it’s best I end this post and perhaps try to sleep cuz I have an early aquafit date demain matin with a very special person! <3 ANL! AU REVOIR!

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