Why I feel like a prick/douchebag: the clothing edition

According the the Urban Dictionary, a prick is
1. A word that can describe a penis (I did not know that!)
2. An ungrateful piece of shit of a person

A douchebag is
Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole, however not yet reached f**ker or motherf**ker. Not to be confused with douche.

(That’s a bit much in my opinion but let’s go with it!)

LOL well if I look at these meanings, I don’t think I feel that bad about what I’m going to write about today…but I do feel like something is wrong/strange with the way policy people dress at my work meetings sometimes.

Now I’m talking more about myself than anyone else. I don’t know their shopping habits but I do know this: EVERYONE LOOKS PRETTY GOOD, especially the ladies. SO FAR SO GOOD.

And well, government officials have to represent their countries and so, they gotta look good. I get that.

But sometimes, people look so good that I get distracted by the outfits during the meetings. OH I GET IT: this is a Cathy-specific problem. OK so scratch that, this post is about WHY I FEEL LIKE A PRICK at work sometimes.

So everyone’s cool and they look good.
A friend told me that there is even an anonymous Instagram run by a UN intern who snaps pictures of very well dressed ppl inside HQ. I haven’t seen it but I can understand why it exists.

Now honestly I do like dressing up—most of the time. I appreciate that I can use my vanity and shopoholic ways to add to my professional life. It is fun BUUUUUUUUUUTTTTT fancy dress in a fancy city is FREAKING $$$$$$$! Men can get away with a few suits and ties but ladies, oh no, we gotta have LOTS MORE STUFF: multiple tights, heels, purses, dresses etc. And I just don’t have a high ‘work outfit’ budget so I make do with what I can but yes, I gotta shop.

And it matters at work too. Since everyone dresses up, if you don’t, well, you really stick out. Perhaps this is b/c this is also Europe where sweatpants are rarely seen in public (why guys why?!) My jeans = barely worn in GVA btw….

Must I really dress up if I want to walk in these halls and see this art?

So here I am prancing around in all this fancy dress that I wouldn’t wear much in Canada. AND I LOOK DOWN and quickly SCAN THE PRICE of all the things on my body and I KINDA FEEL SICK.

I did this the other day: OUTFIT COSTING
dress = $7 cheap, got it in Istanbul
cardigan = $50 actually FREE gift from mom
jacket = $200 it’s winter and jackets are just $$$
tights = $20 Wolford brand, German and a splurge but still too much!
ring = $15 gorgeous and secondhand!
boots = $125 and this was with a ‘friends’ discount from the gorgeous boutique owner
purse = $100 mine are not so fancy but as you know, this item can be in the 1000s for those who like luxury

TOTAL = $517 (JH did I get it right? 😛 )

And that’s why I feel like a douchebag sometimes. B/c my clothes cost so much and it feels strange that I work in the migration and humanitarian/refugees section yet, here I am all decked out.
AND I’ll admit it, that’s a cheaper outfit day b/c with dresses and jewellery etc. you can pay A LOT MORE 🙁

Should I feel kinda crummy? I think sometimes, that this is just part of the trade. When working internationally, sometimes it calls for fancy dress. BUT sometimes I think, why do I have to wear such nice things? DO I EVEN HAVE TO? Kinda if I want to be taken seriously….in GVA that is!

[SIDE NOTE: I DID NOT have to dress up like this in VN. Seriously, my old MOTORBIKE costs less than this OUTFIT—frick! 🙁
Nor was it like this au Canada.
Paris, oh yes, it was like this to step outside my house… 🙁 ]

CERN probably doesn’t have this problem 😛

OH the lame dramas of me. WOE IS DEFINITELY NOT ME.

Any thoughts or comments?

Dare I post a pic of my work clothes now? I already feel a bit like crap and trust me, this is not a post to say, “hey look at me, I’m so pretty” 😛

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