On migrant stories: new series MIGRANT VOICES

Here’s the thing: people’s lives and stories are their own. I may have the time and the ability to report on the ones I hear but they are not mine. And sometimes, you only meet people once and so you can’t ask permission to share their tale.

I WANNA BE SENSITIVE IN MY WRITINGS AND MUSINGS, especially when it comes to other people.

So unless I have asked for permission, I’m going to change people’s names.
And with migrant stories, some are vulnerable and some are not easy to read or write about. I just hope I’ll be able to represent in an honest and honourable way.

So today I’m gonna start this new series I’ve been thinking about. The International Organization for Migration sometimes showcases migrant stories in their meetings or in their publications so I am going to do the same here and showcase some migrant voices.

Like I said before, this blog is going to be sprinkled with migration stories all over but this is my attempt at a dedicated section that will illustrate why I love being a migrating aka traveling person who gets to meet people from all over the world and who loves to hear about people’s journeys and document their stories when I can.

First post on migrants goes to my DAD!!!! <3

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