Lakeside GVA = au Lac Léman

Le Lac Léman is the giant lake that spans several cities and towns in Switzerland and France. Let me look up some facts now:

1. tis the largest freshwater lake in Western Europe, 89 trilion litres!
2. tis croissant shaped, that’s cool 🙂
3. takes a couple hours to drive around at least!
4. is dotted with castles, beaches, gorgeous charming towns: Thonon-les-Bains en France (Evian is nearby), Chateau de Chillon, Montreux et Lausanne en Suisse

Thanks Google search and this link.

There are apparently the mysterious PERCHES aka fish that everyone likes to eat over here but I’ve also heard that the fish comes from elsewhere and I’ve never seen fish in the lake but whatever….

I just want to do a collage of the water which changes colour and temper according to the weather.

Walking or riding or going across on a boat or on a cruise, this lake is pretty darn awesome.

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