Migrant voices #3: awesome newcomers in Vancouver, BC

Sooo if you know me, you know I love migrants.

Q: So what’s a girl to do when she is trolling in the town?
A: Meet the people and listen to their stories, especially as they relate to migration and travel and hardships and sucesses.

So while chilling in the downtown, I have made myself a voluntary source of assistance to any and all who look puzzled or confused.

Ears and eyes open & seriously, people just fall into your lap.

Cool people I’ve talked to of late:

1. The awesomely wise businessman from China: “You know what Cathy, I’m Canadian but I find looking for work difficult… We need to listen to people and speak slowly to share our messages….” He and me met over our laptops and became fast friends. I have mentioned him before.

2. The brave Korean gal who just moved here to learn English and work. She asked me if I was Italian because I was reading some language book. Nice icebreaker. I’m so encouraged by the sweet people who come here to improve their skills and see the world a bit. WOW.

3. The Spanish couple having coffee n feeding their baby M at Blendz. So friendly to chat to a stranger like me who is curious about children, languages, and migrants. So interesting to hear how they came here and enjoy living here after 4 years already.

4. The lovely ladies Chilean and British I met in a free workshop. We ate pizza and talked about how nice Canadians can be. So true for Vancouver….sometimes 😛 We like affection, yelling honest things at people, and messy politics. YAY!

5. The Ghanian couple taking pics down by the Olympic torch/ Canada Place. Working n chilling. This is good stuff!

6. The NOMADS running the new restaurant Nomad on Main street. Cool BC boys n tatts and great food n drinks. WIN!

2014-12-14 19.47.56

7. The owner of the Japanese-inspired This Tiny Coffee Bar: friendly fellow from Halifax who’s travelled and set up a life in this town. GREAT COFFEE GREAT GEM of a place.

2014-11-24 19.03.54

People and encounters are worth much more than a list. But this is a mini offering to you for now 🙂

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