A lil note on this blog’s migration focus

There is A LOT of international migration news, well, in the news these days! And perhaps a migration advocate could be grateful for the fact that there are headlines about these issues—except that the stories we are seeing are usually tragic 🙁 Boat crossings and people drowning, impromptu migrant/refugee camps being set up and raided, a reluctance on the part of governments to address these desperate migrations in a larger, more organized and sustainable manner….

So perhaps in an effort to relate to migrants as people who live and breathe like anyone else, and NOT as an “issue” to be dealt with, this blog focuses on daily observations and the contributions and joys that cultural sharing bring. I hope that we can realize that foreign ideas/things/people can indeed bring new awesomeness to our regular lives.

A few words here and there cannot counter all the discriminatory rantings (and blatant racism) that go on in this world but this is a space to share good, real stories with fun and truth.

Fanciful, exotic treats anyone?

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