Breezy hello & migration thoughts :P

Um new year, new posts, new break! I was doing so well in January and then February hit and now it’s March.

I think other parts of the world are bearing the brunt of winter while in my hometown, I just see daffodils and cherry blossoms–in FEBRUARY!

Global warming….hmmmmmm…IS….IT…REAL?

Anyway, what cultural, linguistic, migration thoughts are on my brain & on YOUR BRAIN?

Quick mind scan:

1. More refugees in Africa: Central African Republic is accepting Nigerians; Sudan issues; Ethopia an overlooked host country of refugees and other migrants; Boko Haram…..

2. Syria: another year has passed and it’s now been 4 years of conflict and war. There are more refugee Syrians than non-refugees now in the world! SUPER TRAVESTY. Up to 4 MILLION NOW, that’s a million a year and let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of deaths 🙁

3. Human-trafficking: Southeast Asia, fishing industry (out of sight, out of lawful boundaries???!!! I DON’T THINK SO! Sex workers all over the world–yeesh but my mind is often on Vietnamese girls, I guess b/c I am one of them…

4. Positive stories: integration effects internationally. Canada’s I BELONG Campaign, showcased in some public libraries in British Columbia, my home province. THE IOM’s Migrant Voices and public awareness department that works with local governments worldwide. Local non-profit civil society organizations that welcome the newcomers in their towns and help them learn about local services: I’ve seen them in Aichi, Japan; Malmo, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; Canada throughout & I know there are loads elsewhere. LET”S SHARE: feel free to drop me a line on any of these great organizations anytime!

5. UN meetings: the World Humanitarian Summit will take place in 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. Regional consultations are taking place right now, maybe around your town! 2015 is also the year that the new list of Sustainable Development Goals will be decided upon and released for the world to act upon. It’s a big, big deal so stay tuned.

What’s on your mind?

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