This Canadian’s life, open and free

HOLA como estas? It’s been awhile and my espagnol is more than rusty….

Anyway, sometimes, blog post topics pop in my mind…such as this one: as I travel, I get a lot of commentary on DOs and DONTs around the world and sometimes I just gotta laugh 😛

Personally, I say BE WHO YOU WANNA BE.
But here’s a lil rundown of what I hear…

1. Me whistling….heidi ho heidi hohohohoo
–Hmmmm that is so strange, did you know that Vietnamese girls don’t whistle?
–Like they don’t smoke or drink? (In my mind, I’m like bleh!) Wellll, I’m VNmese sooooooo…….

2. Why can’t you just act like a VNmese girl? You do things that are more boy-like!!!!

3. QUOTE from my charming friend: you are so cool BUT I’d never go out with you.
–Ummm whhhyyyyyy says me.
–Because you are not a traditional Asian girl. So it’s good to be your friend but I do not want you for a wife.
–LOL ummmm that wasn’t up for offer and dood I can cook the pants off those ladies and I play sports too but whatever. SO YOUR LOSS 😛

4. No girl in Italy would do that. (I was jumping in some sprinklers.)
BUT I’m Canadian and this is why you LIKE ME 😉

5. Everyone can tell you are not from here.
–Oh really, how so?
–It’s in the way you walk. So not the norm over here.
(I think it’s called confidence but whatevs 😛 )

6. You really are a chameleon aren’t you?
–How so?
–You are so adaptable.
–Well, in Asia yes this is true b/c everyone thinks I’m one of their own: Thai, Jap, Chinese etc….I guess I do have a ‘pan-Asian’ look. But over here (in Geneva), I just do what I want….but sure it’s good to fit in, for diplomatic reasons. If you drink wine, I can too. If you speak French, so can I…..
EUREKA, in my head, I’m like, I think being Canadian means just being flexible about things.

SO THAT’S THE POINT. In Canada, you can eat early or eat late. Drink bubble tea or beer. SKI or be a gym rat or not at all. There isn’t a norm you must follow except to be polite and kinda friendly in public but even that varies.

No ‘colour’ of Canadian is superior to another. Our ‘stock’ people are well, immigrants with various cultures that we somehow for the most part share peacefully.

COLLECTIVE CHEER AND SIGH, so that’s me, a Canadian PROUD STRONG AND FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to be me 🙂 Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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