Buongiorno 2019!!!!!!!!!!! Unstable life unstable blog?

Hola los amigos (or just blogmaster and sister A.N.L. 😛 )

So I have thought about reviving this space over the past few years…me n PK have talked about it a bit and I fb’d about it and then I didn’t do it…(being active on fb is a blog-killer for me…)

But I have learned through **therapy** that there’s not need to be hard on myself…I am a busy lady and that’s totally fine 🙂 Can’t do it all n’est ce pas?

Time truly flies since the 2015 makeover here to make this blog mobile friendly…yes you can read this on your phone now 🙂 and the view should be good…if not, let me know! THX!

To think that when I started the blog in 2006 there were no tablets, no really snarky commenters, no smart(kinda dumb robot) phones NO TWITTER?! etc….So this is the new more opinionated, connected (an annoying) world we live in and well, I’ve grown up too so I think I am ready for an online RELAUNCH!!!!

So I changed the blog title in 2015 and maybe I’ll do it again, but it’s true that professionally I work in international migration policy (wordy I know!) and in my personal life, I migrate/travel a fair bit!

So to catch up with the journeys:

Since Van and VN, I’ve been based in **Ottawa-Geneva-Montreal** and travel-wise I generally will go for cultural and linguistic adventures in the regions where I am based….
Lately, that’s been USA, tropical beaches & the odd jaunt overseas!
It’s a nice, blessed life and I try to express gratitude for the liberties I have.

Some of my previous jobs required a clamp down on what we were doing (lol diplomacy :P) but that’s over now…but of course, not really.

MY STANCE: whatever I say or post or state on any forum must match what I believe…that way it is easy for me to stand by whatever I’ve written…but that is how I live my life. By faith and lead by my values which have evolved over time, I continue onwards.

Anyway, for the next bit I think the focus will be nostalgia-based for places I’ve been as well as several shout-outs to the people I’ve meet along the way.

A DIOS ADIEU C U L8R! CIAO XIN CHAO etc etc etc. Hasta manana I think 🙂

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