Saigon Day 1

Well, we made it after about 16 hrs on two planes. Bronwen, the Saigon intern, and I are in the city and walking round. First stop was Ben Thanh market for some yummy phở.

On the way here, I brushed up my written Vietnamese and met the President of Pepe Jeans London. He’s a young entrepreneur type who just happened to sit beside me on the Hong Kong — Saigon flight. He gave me some tips on how to ensure that I get a job here after I’m done with the internship and talked bout the fashion industry too. Pretty cool.

Will continue to update….ciao for now 🙂

  1. Junella on

    Whoa are you serious! That’s sooo cool that you met the prez of Pepe Jeans! And I always try to ignore the people sitting next to me…

  2. Hello sister. Dad said something about a typhoon over in the Philippines? Hope it’s not heading your way. As usual I’m studying. Nothing interesting except shopping for perfume for Francis’ girlfriend. That made my nose itch. We’re still going to have turkey without you here, but it won’t be a full one – or else we’ll be eating it till November!