My goodness! Everyday brings new ideas and tasks that I can do during my internship. Those 5 months in Vietnam will be action-packed and maybe I’ll have to stay longer to get them all done. So here’s some stuff I’ve been thinking about:

– Community spirit/interest events like international fashion shows (like East meets West), hosting a “Canadian” dinner and selling tix for it, clean the ocean days, golf tournaments, silent auctions etc.

– Becoming a master fundraiser and proposal writer: Beware companies around Danang, beware! Cha-ching! Cha-ching! Show me some bling!

– Getting chummy with the French department at the university 🙂 Salut mes nouveux amis! They’ll learn to love me n’est-ce pas?

– Our media project which means writing articles for newspapers (here and in Vietnam), getting on the radio, recording impressions of sights and sounds (and maybe even filming something) and really making noise around my project — Do you think I’ll be successful?

– Becoming TRILINGUAL (ah ouais!) like I was always meant to be. This the only the first step to becoming the most fabulous professional I can be who can write and translate and perhaps one day even teach in my 3 fave languages. Gooooooooooo Cathy! (I try to be self-motivated.)

– Persuading friends and family to visit and experience my handiwork firsthand…wait, that’s happening already rite?

AND then when it’s over,
– find another job in Vietnam (or elsewhere in Asia if I must) for next year
– meet a man and get married (oops, that’d be s/o else’s plan)
– volunteer short-term somewhere (only we know) in Asia
– travel extensively in Vietnam
– backpack Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand
– go to Hong Kong and Tokyo
– return to Vancouver for a visit
– and hop back on a plane to Asia

BUT if that changes, ce n’est pas grave. Je suis flexible 🙂

A plus tout le monde 🙂

  1. Sounds stupendous, my dear! And I’m all for the trilingual-ness. You’ll gonna be a superstar in Vietnam for sure.

  2. Lap on

    That is cool. I am Vietnamese guy. I am studying MAIB in Cambridge. I am looking for internship in Vietnam especially in travel industry. Do u know any companies? It is nice to hear that you might meet up some guy and marry him. Do you want to know about me?Please!!!