Victoria is nice. I have lots of time to plan for my trip (and make this blog) which means reading up on history and planning events like International culture days, beach cleanups, and East meets West fashion shows. I’m excited to get on the scene and make some noise!!!!!! At Danang University, I’ll be responsible for creating opportunities for volunteering, community buidling, and education for poverty eradication.

Yesterday, I went to a presentation on water and its significance in globalization. Maude Barlow was the presenter and she had lots of info to share. Thanks to Linda D. for telling me about the event. Maude’s Canadian and is the current chair for the Council of Canadians and has 6 honorary doctorats bestowed upon her! Her book’s called “Blue Gold” and what I’ll say about that for now is: “Look out, book club!”

Did you know that since bottled water has become so commonplace in many parts of the world, it results in billions of empty bottles ending up in landfills? I think I’ll be boiling mine in Vietnam as a result of this talk.

Be fresh and green my friends 🙂

  1. Well, water bottles can be recycled… unfortunately of course, most of the world does not have an effective recycling program.