Eating lunch

So I went to have lunch at this awesome fish noodle place (sorry MK) and as I was waiting for my bowl of fresh, steaming, warm-your-throat, $0.70 noodles, I saw a little mouse crawli into the back of this place and stand on its tippy toes to grab a piece of basil or Vietnamese plant. Then he came again and again like he was scrounging for food for his family. Since the food’s prepared at the front of the store, no one was watching except me. Then a girl came by and put this bowl of leaves on a higher spot so lil Mr. Mouse couldn’t reach it anymore.

The weird thing is that I don’t like mice. I have memories of being 10 and seeing a mouse in my cat’s paws and almost touching it. I hate them usually and don’t want my salad near their paws. I jump and shriek like many of you when you think about such creepy crawlies (though I like spiders = welcome in my room anytime) but after about a month here, I realized that this guy also needs food and we’re just animals who are hungry at lunchtime. I didn’t mind and almost wanted to videotape it. Weird eh?

But if that mouse comes w/in a metre of me, it’s DEAD MEAT or either I’m outta there so fast that you’ll have to call me speedy Marisa! (my marathon running friend)

In fact mice thrive in Vietnam and maybe ppl eat them. You get used to it after awhile and so it’s not too bad. It’s kinda like the ants…in my new place, I don’t mind them b/c they stay on the floor and not in my food.

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