Japanese in Danang

ARE SO COOL! Yesterday Abe-San, Nozomi and I went swimming. Then we ate banh canh (fresh grated noodles in an amazing fish broth) and then we went for SUSHI. Now, I’m on a “cleanse” after my wild weekend so no coffee, beer, or SAKE for me. Once we got there, Abe-San saw some colleagues (Ryo and Aikawa) so we joined them…AND LET THE SAKE GAMES BEGIN! Fortunately for me, their English was great. (Abe doesn’t speak it but can understand and read it.) Aikawa is an older gentleman who’s set up a Japanese school in Danang and works with one of his good friends, Ryo. They are sooooooo cute and they have the most smooth, attractively tanned faces, I’ve even seen. There must be something about the Asian skin that I hope to obtain. Maybe it’s the SAKE!

Aikawa-san is like the sporty cool dad that I like. My dad’s hyper active so I’m grateful already but a Japanese dad like this one
· Played ICE hockey and wants to go to an NHL game
· Golfs and wants to open a course in Danang and TEACH ME!
· Plays a Japanese instrument and is well-known in Danang for his singing
· Skis like this Canadian does
· Swims like a fish and SURFS!
· And did I mention that his English is AMAZING?

The only thing he doesn’t do is rockclimb but I’ve definitely met my sporty match!
And he likes the Canadian English accent cuz it’s easy to understand. Personally, it just must be me eh?

Abe-san is sooooooooooooooooooo nice and the more I hang out with him, the better it gets. We’re going running tomorrow. He’s so friendly, funny, has amazing VNese, and of course, meets the HOTTEST FACTOR 😉 But we’re going to be JUST friends and that suits me JUST fine J

And b/c I grew up in Vancouver, I know some Japanese food vocabulary and that definitely helps our relationship J Yeah!

And so, SAKE on SATURDAY! Just two more days to go!

  1. Chao Thy,abe day. abe ngac nhien vi thy co rat nhieu so thich nhu boi , chay,,,abe cung thich chay nua. ngay hom qua Thy bi te ,con dau khong? bb

  2. Aikawa (wasabi) on

    Thanx! but
    It is too praise.
    You who read this misunderstand it.
    There is a classroom in SANSHIN, and come to see when it is
    convenient, please this afternoon.