A home at last

Three months later, I am finally in my own place — kinda! On the weekend, I moved into a sparkingly beautiful, clean, new house, uninhabited by cockroaches or mice…

Two small catches: it’s on the other side of the bridge! It’s only 4km from my workplace but after you live in Danang for awhile, that seems really faraway. It has something to do with the fact that no one walks in Danang and since I have a motorbike now, I’ve become Danangian and so I don’t feel like being so “far”. However, it’s a 10-minute motorbike ride. LAZY is what I’ve become. Small issue numero deux is that I’ve moved in with a friend who’s been living here for awhile. While that is great because I have company and she’s amazingly nice, that means that I’m living in someone else’s house AGAIN. OH well, it’s nice to know that at least I’ve got a place to stay for the next four months! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, boing, boing! That’s the sound of me flopping onto a new matress.

I find it funny that it’s taken this long to find a place where I can totally unpack — I haven’t touched my milkshake blender for two months!!! Good thing I’m not planning to come back to Canada immediately after this internship because if I were, I’d be unpacking only to pack up again in three months.

Happy and sad I am: 🙂 because the gate of the new house isn’t squeaky and the ramp into the house isn’t as steep as the last two places I’ve stayed 🙁 because someone stole my pink polkadot rain poncho!