Baaaack in Danang

Wowee~! It seems like a million years have past since my last entries. As of now, I’m not sure if my sisters have made it back to Canada, but I’m sure everything’s in good order.

They visited over the holidays and that made everything around here crazy but super duper fun. Being the whirlwind semi-disaster that I am, I had them sightseeing and meeting ppl like you might not believe, and so it was only natural that every one of us got sick. Food poisoning, fainting, headaches, plane sickness, stomach gurgling, delirium etc. hit us and so we were the forever ill bunch, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun.

We hung out with grandma in Cam Duc and spent New Year’s in Nha Trang with new friends and relatives of friends and it was sooooooooo fun. In case you haven’t noticed, almost everything in Vietnam is soooooooo fun selon moi.

The highlights were:

SAIGON pt II: hot rock massage, going out late (til 2:30), and drinking Biere LaRue in a park!

KARAOKE: although Danang is seriously lacking in music newer than 1995, it was my first time going with friends and it was fun, fun, fun. We had a battle: the Nguyen’s against the Vu’s and I think the Vu’s won for their singing ability, but the Nguyen’s are definitely the most enthusiastic!

they're really into it

Christmas Eve: carolling at the new 6 star resort for its first guests, visiting the EMW Village of Hope orphanage where we ate cake and danced with the kids, eating a full French Christmas dinner and causing some commotion when one of our members fainted in the dining room! We spoke French the entire evening so that also was fabuleux !

LATE NIGHTS cruising in Danang: normally this city sleeps at 10pm but for the first time ever, we saw late night noodle spots and at 1:30am, the bridge opens up so that ships can pass through and ppl hang out there to watch! Oh troi oi, Danang has a small party side afterall!

at night the bridge opens upbridge view from a car

MEETING new ppl, ok mostly boys! Perhaps boys are friendlier or easier to spot, but for whatever reason, I met a whole bunch on my latest excursions and it was great 🙂 Yipee for travelling blokes, especially trilingual ones 😉

OKIE DOKIE, that’s enough for now:) Back to work and observing classes and meeting professors.

CIAO for now 🙂

  1. Michelle Nguyen on

    whoa hooooooo. Are working or something b/c that’s a long time without a blog update. If you’re being productive in Vietnam, I salute you (like AC DC but that’s for those who like to rock).

  2. secret on

    Dear my friends!
    After reading your story about your trip to Village of Hope on Christmas Eve in Danang. I really wish that I were there with all of you. I am one of children who used to live at VOH before for about 9 years. It was wonderful time that I had lived with my teachers, housemothers and lovely children there. Now , I am in Ho Chi Minh city. However, my heart is always directed to VOH. I love it and I love everyone who live there. We used to cry together when we were in happiness or sadness. We shared our thoughts to each other and kept warm together when the winter come. It had many and many things we did together. Sitting here but I want to shout that I miss my VOH soooo… much. My tears often drop on my face after searching VOH’S pages on Internet or someone from VOH call me to tell me something about themself and our” big family”.
    Thank you so much that you came to visit our FAMILY where has more 100 orphans. I know and feel that they were very happy to welcome you. They are the same me that we need your shares and you love so much. Please do that one more time if you can chance,ok? I remember a good sentence that :” while we are giving , it means we are receiving”. That is also the reason why I always try my best to help someone if I can.
    Thank you for reading my letter. My English is not very goodl so please understand me.
    Secret name

  3. Hello,

    My name is Julian Rose, and I am student at the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo. California, USA. This summer the training ship from our academy will be visiting Danang Vietnam and we would like to be able to give a donation of food / clothing / money to VOH, but I have been unable to establish contact with anyone there.

    I have the phone number: 01184511756612, and I was able to get through once, but the language barrier was too great. I need to establish contact via email, which I think is

    If you or anyone reading this can help me establish contact or provide me with information regarding what type of donations are most needed there, what customs issues I will encounter, how to get there, or any other iformation I would appreciate it very very much.

    Kind regards,
    Julian Rose

  4. Hang Thi Nguyen on

    Dear Trulian Rose!
    I am glad to know you are having a plan to go to visit Danang ,Vietnam. I read your blog and saw you have wanted to find someone for help you to contact to the Village Of Hope. Thank you so much for your kindness and hosnest. I am a one of children at Voh who lived there before. I hope I can help you with my best.
    Village of Hope ‘s address is 209 Dung Si Thanh Khe street- Thanh Khe district- Danang city- Vietnam
    Or you can contact to phone number is 84- 511-829-110. This number phone is from East Meets West foundation which involves to the Village of Hope. You can contact to it and ask imformation about Village of Hope.
    This is Village of Hope’s number : 84-511-760-201 but I am not sure if you can speak English to them. I think I will check exactly phone number then I can send you later,ok?
    Best wishes for you,
    ps: You can contact to me if you want .This is my email address:

  5. hang on

    Dear Trulian Rose!
    I am really sorry that I didn’t keep sending you imformation. I didn’t mean not want to help you but I checked many times last time but there wasn’t any message from you. I thought you might not need my information .
    I just searched East Meets West’s website. I am so happy that you all could come there and spend time with chidren at Village Of Hope. We know that we never said ” thank you” enough to you all but from from deepth of our heart we still want to send you all our thankful. And my friend( Hai wiederkehr). , I am very proud of her. We studied the same classes for many years. I know she is an intelligent girl and strong girl. I believe that she keeps doing well in her life.
    One week ago, I dropped in Village Of Hope to visit my young brothers, young sisters , housemothers and teachers there. I am happy that they are doing ok. Although, I live far from them but I never stop thinking of them and I know they do the same with me. I wish I had more time to spend with them but I only had one day then I had to come back HoChiMinh city for studying. Village of Hope is like my family. I had learned many things from my teachers and friends before leaving there. I want to thank them so so much.
    Ok, I have to go now. I wish you all healthy, happy and succesful in your life.