Sunny again!

That’s rite, February 2007 is a sunny month so far in Danang. My landlady said that usually it’s usually cold at this time, but the weather’s been so strange this year so I guess we’re reaping the benefits. Oh well. Today I took out my good ol’ anti-tanning gloves and put on my baseball cap. I have to get a pic like this to show you my Danangian weather gear.

On the homefront, there’s been some good and bad news: Sharon and I got Internet and cable tv! But our tv is old so we’re still missing th 18 good channels that we want! The only way to get them is to, of course, pay more! Boo! And the Internet works and I’m actually now uploading photos, but my old grandfather of a laptop sometimes acts up and doesn’t allow me to do all that I want. Finally, there’s the issue of our rental contract: apparently foreigners have to pay much more tax than nationals so we’re being asked to put out some cash…but we don’t really know why. We hope to resist and not pay, but in Vietnam, it seems like there’s always “something!”