Wrestling and concert in DN? Oh my!

Hey ppl!

Just a quick update today: I’m been incredible unactive in my time here apart from the swimming which I faithfully kept up for my first 3 weeks…and now, I’m four months into this stay and I’m feeling oh so UNhealthy….Then my roommate asks me to tag along for a wrestling lesson with a mutual friend and so I go and it turns out to be pretty fun. Apparently, Mark used to train in karate, jijitsu (I’m too lazy to look up the correct spelling) and other martial arts/wrestling and he’s really enthusiastic about it (= a good teacher) and so I spend an hour or so “fighting” with Sharon. We’ve only just begun but I think this will become a weekly activity. AND where do we train? In a gym where Sharon’s friend trains Vietnamese students in tae kwon do! Very cool!

This weekend, I also attended a Korean-Vietnamese friendship concert at the University of Technology. It was held in a large auditorium far out from the city centre, and there were no signs or arrows letting us know where the concert was taking place so it was a little difficult to get to, but once we got our seats, it was well worth it. The Korean dances, costumes and instruments were definitely a sight to see but unfortunately, I left my camera at home 🙁 And to top it all off, the concert ended with performances by two Vietnamese singers, including a young popstar who had a legion of female fans. Overall, it was a great night of fun, cultural times in Danang.