Retelling the past part III, Vung Tau etc.

Did I ever make life in VN sound difficult?

no complaining here!colourful roosters

These pics will demonstrate that life is good to me here. Perhaps work can be stressful or one can be at odds with living in a foreign place BUT it’s easy to take a couple days, go on a mini vacation and recuperate 🙂

I didn't know pineapple grew like this
I went to Vung Tau b/c I had heard good things. However, for s/o living in Danang, the beach is grimy; I guess I am pretty spoiled in that respect. It’s really pretty and touristy and the seafood is fresh. There’s about a billion temples and several churches so on a first glimpse, I’d have to say the ppl there are religious. We took a speedboat there which was cool on the way there but on the way back, all I can remember is the rocking waves….it was bad! Overall, it’s a good day trip out from Saigon, but I wouldn’t call it a must-see for the average tourist.

Vung Tau viewstoasted, dry seafood for sale!
now there's a happy buddha!

  1. Junella on

    Dude! That hammock rocks! Although with all your mini-vacations, you sound as busy as ever! 😉 junella