Busy bee…….

Howdy, howdy,

Other things that I miss: music! There’s no radio here and the tv music channels are not the greatest so I broke down yesterday and stocked up on Take That, Ronan Keating and Nick Lachey to fulfill my need for boy bands and English-language ballads.

hehehe I’m still allowed; I’m young, and yes, I love the Backstreet Boys.

Work is great: I’m using the editing skills from CGA at East Meets West and reading reports about hospitals, clean water systems, heart operations for children and using a map to learn more about Vietnam. So far, this job is really allowing me to explore and learn lots about VN, its landscape, ppl etc…….No complaints at all 🙂

Danang has some redeeming qualities: far-flung restaurants, coffee shops, and roads that can be interesting and ready to lend themselves to adventure. Although I miss good tortilla chips and salsa and hummus and chicken breasts and BBQ ribs, I can live here. Yesterday, I went s/where in a A/C’d car and it was a treat….I wonder what it’ll feel like to drive again…..

I’m looking forward to going home and eating on outdoor patios in pretty restaurants with good views and decor. I want to go to Whistler, do the Grouse Grind, rollerblade and bike, go to night markets, go to big grocery stores, meet friends and family (of course!), go to a shopping mall with familiar shops, recycle, watch What Not to Wear and American Idol, and be Canadian again.

CAN’T WAIT! But before then, work, Japan and HK await….and then I’m playing hostess to friends, and trying to still live a balanced live here….

ttyl lovely ppl 🙂

  1. Kerby on

    Can’t wait to see here again in Vancouver. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Japan and HK—2 of my fav places.