I hit a cow!

Ahhhhh I have to clear this off my chest: on a country road trip yesterday, I hit a cow in the road!

We were doing so well and it was fun crusing the roads on our way to My Son and Hoi An. The views are really quite something although it’s better to be the passenger and not the driver so you can really enjoy them.

The cow incident occurred near the destination point after at least an hour on the road. For whatever reason, I didn’t think the cow was going to panic and run straight into my bike but that’s what happened. Afterwards, it ran off wounded although it wasn’t severely hurt. My motorbike is small and I wasn’t going fast….it fell over and amazingly still worked although the basket and mirror were bent. Now I have cruise control on my bike which means I don’t always have to have my hand on the accelerator which is not a good thing. But actually, it’s very convenient… And I just brought her in for repairs a couple days ago….

On the bright side, I’ve taken to wearing a helmut and my Vina alien socks actually protected me from scraps on my ankles, so all I got were some bruises and cuts on my knees and thigh. I’m very sore actually! But things could have been a lot worse! I’m thankful that nothing serious happened but I feel pretty guilty and stupid!

Why me?

  1. Anh on

    Wow – a cow. Francis almost hit a deer and a mountanin goat while driving home from Calgary. At least you weren’t going that fast, or you’d be more hurt than the cow. Ouch!

  2. Melodie on

    It sounds more like the cow hit you!

  3. Kerby on

    How did THAT happen? Poor you! Lucky for sure! So what happened to the cow?