Work-y jerky…

I’m going beserky! I’m editing like mad and the work doesn’t seem to finish…..

It’s funny how the weather’s changed from humid and hot to noisy, wet weather in a matter of weeks.
Shall I describe my attire of late? (I’m basically hiding out from the rain rite now….)

Did you know that when you put on a plastic rain poncho or visor, you always have to adjust your helmet straps? This is totally unfun and time-consuming. To go out in this weather means that I must spend at least 10mins putting on all the gear and then 10mins after to shake off all the water, hang up my jacket and pants, and take off the boots. I yearn for a car or just a big, fat trunk!

And then, it’s not even cold inside….so strange!

Tonight, I’m going to make polenta for dinner. Wish me luck! I dream of a bag of mixed organic greens to go with it, but really, I know that’s impossible….

OK home time! TTYL peeps 😉

  1. junella on

    i thought the rain in van was bad – we don’t need ponchos here but we also don’t have awesome vietnamese food!

    luv junella