My new loves

Comforts and things to appreciate:

— SOCKS! I’ve been in sandals for most of the past year but let me tell you how comfortable socks and sneakers are. I can actually appreciate the warmth, softness, and protection that my feet have now become unaccustomed to. It’s definitely something NOT to take for granted.

— MY VISOR aka rain protector 🙂 For a gal in glasses and make up (not that I’m wearing much these days), the visor is a lifesaver!!!!!! the pineapple flavour actually which means it’s the BEST type ever 🙂 Yeah for non-soggy faces!

— WARM and DRY surroundings! In this land of mold, anytime I can get warm and cosy in sweat pants without bug bites in them, I appreciate 🙂

— TORTILLAS 🙂 The gratefulness doesn’t stop ever…making wraps is easy and quick and so I love my frozen tortillas. I feel like I must be the only person in DN that has them (the flavoured type) and I can’t forget how awesome they are….thanks again to C n JB! Woohoo!

Of course, this is another rainy edition of the blog.

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