Jelly mold

Hmmm make that everything mold…what have I been doing these days living in Danang all by my lonesome? CLEANING n WASHING n SIGHING n WONDERING whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????

There was no point in bringing my nice clothes from Japan to this land especially when clothes in my closet get moist and molding just while sitting there.

Our whole top floor is now a mismash of non-rainbow mold: brown, green, black, and white.
My shoes are molding…on the straps, on the heels, on the base, and on the soft irreplaceable foot pads in my fave Geox…NO!
My old uni knapsack refuses to be rid of its white spots even though I’ve washed it 3x recently.
My HAIRTIE is now polka dot…nice 🙁

I’m surprised our washer hasn’t turned moldy for all the use it’s getting.

When it rains, it pours and when it pours, it leaks and then everything turns bleak and then we see mold.

I will never complain about Canada’s non-humid, non-moldy weather ever ever again! With non-leaky houses, roofs, buses, and cars, there’s always a way out 🙂

How I miss walking with a jumbo umbrella and being protected….

It’s another edition of the rainy blog…..

  1. Michelle Nguyen on

    eck, sounds disgusting.

    sounds like you need bleach in your life.