Friends in the hood

Cee n JB came to visit in early November and I just heard hier that they’re back home in Vancouver. Time flies and I don’t know why but I am definitely bad at planning my vacations b/c I always have friends in town when I’m supposed to be working nights and beating my deadlines.

Like my trip w/June in July, I spent bus rides reading reports and had a couple lonely hours in hotel rooms while my friends frolicked (sp?) in Hanoi. BUT that’s ok cuz c’est ma vie pour l’instant. AND at least I was able to go…there’s def a perk to working independently although for the most part, I feel isolated…–waiiiiiiiit this was suppose to be a perky entry bout friends and such–

the happy couple :)natural sand exfoliation and hot stones :)

REFOCUS:We went to Hanoi and Cat Ba Island and I’m telling you, this is the trip to beat! I don’t know Hanoi very well so whenever I go, it’s new, exotic, and full of good eats. I just never get tickets to the water puppets show although I did when I was there w/my dad (he’s a lucky charm I think). One thing to love: soyabean milk w/tofu chunks!!! Now how could it get better than that? Well, throw in some friends, a couple crooked taxi drivers, fantastically mild and sunny weather, and friendly colleagues and you’d have yourself one fine PAR-TAY! Woot woot!

I luv xe ahh Cat Ba Island, beach IIHanoi 6amsailing on the decks

I think I did Cat Ba right this time…well, I got the hotel down as we stayed in the pretty one with the delish brekkie (Holiday View) instead of the one which advertised Internet but made me walk out the door, down the street, and to the left before I could use it! My friends finally got to drive on the motorbike…I guess with their hectic travel sched, it was almost impossible….6 cities in 8 days! They didn’t eat street food but literally ate on the street….time was precious and it was fun.

MIDNIGHT edition so I must cut this short.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz TBC

  1. Michelle Nguyen on

    soya milk with tofu chunks? that doesn’t sound good to me!

  2. sữa đậu nành với đậu hủ ngon lắm em ơi!

    =try b4 u deny! the tofu rox 🙂