Combatting holiday blues

It’s my second Christmas in a row away from home….Last year, I had the best time cuz my sisters were in town, but this year, all the comforts of a good ol’ Canadian Christmas me manquent!

Although it’s nice not to be in the shopping malls hunting for gifts, I miss Christmas parties, seeing friends, snow, eggnog, Christmas trees, warm and cozy living rooms, snowshoeing with the gals, and on and on!

But I can’t dwell on all that or else I’d just be sad all the time.

I’m a fighter, and I can get through this. I’ve done it before, baking pumpkin pie from scratch (crust n all) and eating turkey chops instead of a bit of the whole bird.

This year, I’m about to embark on a baking bonanza. I’ve been looking up recipes and asking friends to “import” foreign baking essentials (ok, from HCMC, but still!) so I can make cookies and scones and pretend that there’s a goody exchange at work. I’ve got my Christmas carols and measuring spoons and pestle and mortar (= rolling pin!) and my awesome toaster oven too.

What’ll be baking for the next lil while? –Gingerbread, raisin, cinnamon cookies, maybe sweet potato pie and perhaps even macaroons if I’m feeling ambitious.

I’m tempted to start right now but I need my brown sugar and baking soda from HCMC….. 🙂

Happy holidays and cheers (w/frothy eggnog or hot choco) to you!

  1. Need kitchen tools? A real rolling pin? Whisk and spatula? You know you want it!