Back to basics — simple pleasures

Cheerio! May I just say that life is a funny thing. When things are so distant, when you happen upon them again, they are just so fantastical…why exactly am I talking about?

Well, for starters, let’s take happiness. We’re all searching for it, and it takes many forms. Today, I found it at the foreign “gourmet” grocery shop in town. I go here to shop as in window shop cuz it’s got all these goodies and some I can buy and others are just not worth the marked-up price.

MY dream wish list (that I’ll only buy if in a really foul mood and need a pick-me-up asap)
-canned artichokes = $5
-capers in the humongo size (I didn’t even look at the price)
-canned cherries = $8
-rice cakes = $5
-walnuts = $7

These goodies are a bit $$$ but sometimes I do crave them. We’ll see when I crack.

I left the shop with sauerkraut, granola, canned white asparagus, and feta cheese — all for just under $10. Not too bad :0

Anyway, back to happiness, once I got home, I had granola, bananas, and yogurt, and since the last time I had this simple snack was absolutely ages ago, it was sooooooooooooooooooooo delicious. Add to that some Rufus Wainwright (he’s got an amazing voice!) and tell me who’s the happiest gal on Earth (well, not quite….)?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! And so that’s how life goes…………..

  1. Any food requests for your birthday? I know you want something, given that you posted a list already.