Oh the pressure!

Seriously, I should be writing reports and articles, not blog entries…but somehow, the allure just isn’t the same.

I must come back here and do this properly but here are the brief updates since last time on CATHY’S BLOG. (Use your best announcer’s voice!)

Dec 20 or so = headed to Grandma’s in Cam Ranh for “Christmas in the Village” (again, broadcaster required) starring yours truly, 2 aunties, one cuz n his wife and the adorable, quirky ol’ grams..WAIT…add to that, 2 evil kitties that glared at me while I brushed my teeth in the yard….who’s the king of the castle anyway? They were mean!

Dec 28th ish = off to SGN for city fun and new year’s….wasn’t so into it and subsequently left “party” clothes at home only to have to buy new ones at “city” costs (this wasn’t the village where hair n nails were $0.70 cents combined!) but it’s all good….got the bestest news of the year: Moi, je vais bientot demenager et vivre a HCMC!!! Wooooottttttsie mooottttsie! Seeing old pals in new places is def FUN!!!! Highlights: James! The Mac was back in VN if only for a brief stint. Borama, the fabo Korean! Oh and I just love Zen Plaza, the most fabo of malls w/one of a kind designs (yes JL, come back!). Best of shopping for gals who luv clothes and for those who don’t, well, this place will get you started 🙂

trio of ex-DNangians reunitedcheers with the gals!

Jan 4th = after apartment shopping with multiple real estate agents and friends, I head back home to Danang. To the empty house and the empty life where I can’t call anyone up cuz there isn’t anyone to call…(Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? I just wonder where you are….) Most friends move away and I am here to stay…NOT! BUT I must say, I do have the bestest roommate ever (Miss Hye Jong Le) but we are, alas, moving on with our lives…she will leave too so it’s not like I’m ditching her. For now, we’re hanging and today, I was planning to work at home all day but at 9am the electricity was out and after waiting for an hour, it looked like we were outta luck so after a no-power-required brekkie, we went for a sauna, steambath and massage combo all for $10 USD! = just an example of the randomness of Danang = roomie lost her pendant in the steambath and the staff had to break the wood to retrieve it (this was not part of the plan). Then we ate and found a baby cockroach in our beef salad (my first time in DN!) and then I came home to find that the power was still not on at 3pm so after paying some bills and hoping and wishing that I could use my computer, it’s baaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccck and then I proceed to facebook and blog instead of work….oh troi oi!

COOKING SCORE of domesticity
Nha Trang = 0 times in 6 days…auntie took care of me/nights out = 0 unless you count visiting relatives and going to Midnight Mass

Saigon = ate delivery at home twice and microwaved pizza once and washed dishes once within a week/restaurants = 8

Danang = 4x in 3 days = chicken wings, pasta, zucchini stir fry (who doesn’t luv this veggie?), jellos and risotto, cookies, and quesadillas to come 🙂 Anyone coming to dinner?

So where’s my home now? Obviously DN but will the cooking continue in the BIG city? Hmmmmmmm?

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