Death of a gecko

I “killed” it. Not really my fault but as I opened the bathroom door, he hit the floor and SQUAT, dead there he lay. IT was kinda nast but I didn’t really know if it was dead or if it was just lying on its backside like those nasty cockroaches with their legs flailing all over. So I waited a day to see if he would just go away….

“MURDERER!” chanted my roommate when I told her the news. Really supportive she is.

On the second day after we determined that no, he would not just go away, I had to sweep him up and dump him out. That was gross cuz he was stuck to the ground and so I had to flip him into the dustpan and saw his dead lil eyes and soft, creepy body…why do these things die so easily? Now he’s in our garbage bin…I refer to it as the gecko head.

Eieyyyyyyyyyyyyucckers! Anyway, what’s done is done. PICS to come…just bot batteries and need a blasted card reader and then I can upload again.

  1. So what exactly happened? The gecko was trying to hang onto the ceiling and the steam from your shower unstuck the traction in his webbed feet?