A very thank-full Monday

And the best kind of Monday out there: long weekend!!!

So it’s CANADIAN THANKSGIVING…what a great holiday and moment to think of lovely thanks.

1. siblings and family love…even the ones who ignore my emails still add to my life and of course they don’t read this so I can say that my lovely brothers add strife and patience to my life 🙂

2. You TUBE. you don’t even wanna no what I’m listening too but it soothes the soul when the going gets tough! Ja-son De-rulo!

3. WALKING..ahem HEALTH! So good to be able to jot along the streets and wander Geneva WITH FRIENDS! Now if only I liked running….

4. FRIENDS 😉 Just saw ma belle copine Katarina ici!!! We met in Danang, Vietnam wayyy back when and so to see her here is just a dream come through!

5. Babies, kiddies, those lil people. I just find them to be soooo relaxing…destress to the max…it’s like “oh you had a rough day? well, let me spit on you with my giggles and see how you feel after?” sooooo cute!

6. Kitchen service. Girl LOVES TO make messes that you can eat after…seriously I think I like cooking more than eating and I love feeding ppl…the large family syndrome reigns: if hungry, just knock on my door cuz girl is cooking for seven–always!

Carrot pumpkin cake

7. Cheap cell phones...I know I’m a stalker and I hope you like it cux it just won’t stop. But I have now successfully contacted the most elusive of my friends! Yeah :)))) And nothing fills the heart like a bit of quality convo and updates. DIANA!!!! KAI!!!! YEAH!!!! JL!!!!!!

8. European shopping n chic ladies…and men! Window shopping is inspiring in these parts and so are the people. It’s sometimes a bit too sexy for this gal, but I love beauty and so I love all the freshly pressed elegant outfits I see here. But for a Canadian girl who is usually quite chill, I’d have to say, I haven’t had to dress up and wear heels regularly….um EVER! Flats no longer cut it though 🙁 So what’s a girl to do???? SHOPPING HERE I COME!
GEOX I love you!

9. Work. When it’s right, it’s right and I hope all y’all have jobs you love. CUZ that is us doing what we’re meant to do. Soooo yes, listen to those thoughts in your mind about your dreams and innermost desires…AND PURSUE them PLEASE! CUZ that is what you’re born to do and how you were wired for A REASON. SO GO AND LET’S DO IT 🙂 And please, don’t make money your focus. SEEK JOY and work will seem like cake 🙂 But not working is also a dream of mine….;)

10. I think that’s the short list. In general, life can be soooo soooo soooo good. Worldwide, we are a disaster but individual parts can be glorious and we need to be THANKFUL for these blessings. Amen to our lovely and most awesome Creator. God is always the bomb 🙂

<3 <3 <3 xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxox! Gobble gobble!

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