Guilty pleasures…but u share 2 ok? ;{ :P

Especially when one’s abroad and farr from family and friends, one’s got to have fall-backs or go-to’s to cure those distance blues.

1. BOYBANDS!!!!! Sorry! But you know me rite? I love them! But fake boys say the craziest things and it’s always stuff that girls want to hear…LOL embarrassing but so true!

2. CLOTHES. The problem is that I know I have WAAAYYYYY too many to begin with but I love them so what can I do? At least I buy them for cheap but seriously, it’s an addiction! But such a fun one… the solution is: go shopp9ing for others…so if you don’t like shopping, call me and I’ll do it for you!!!!!

clothes hangin' round

clothes on my bed! I'm such a mess!

3. LATE NITES & MORNS. I sleep at the most random times and yeah this is probably NOT good but I am anti-schedule and so I just roll like that. So please know that I will try to be on time but sometimes I just haven’t slept! But this makes me a great friend b/c I’ll talk to you at any hour of the day 🙂 And even though I know I should be “responsible” I’m not!

4. BOOZE. In general, I have this rule of not drinking when I am not exercising but it’s all fallen of the rails in Europe… but maybe trouble!

5. ADVENTURE & RISK. I think I like these a bit too much! Let’s not do into detail shall we? But have you had that “oh my God I almost died” feeling? It’s not that good….

swimming anyone? I'm going!

6. FIRE. Indoors or outdoors, I like to burn stuff….and make explosions…my sisters R not impressed! And neither would the insurance company….

THIS POST IS ODDLY FREEING. Nobody’s perfect so I don’t mind sharing my faults. Yes, there’s a little shame but not too much…afterall the fact that I don’t have many readers makes it easier and kinda fun.

So do share? PLU_LEEEESSEEEE???!!!!!!

clothes only look neat n clean when im in public --lol

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