Da ppl in da neighbourhood

Now I obviously can’t snap ’em unless they’re really my friends cuz that is just too darn creepy and disrespectful!

PS isn’t there a song from Sesame Street along these lines?

This will be a quick post cuz girl wants to walk to work 😉

1. There’s this sweet woman who hangs outside on the next block. She works here. I really like her smile. That is smthg bout Geneva which I appreciate: the peeps usually say hello. Albeit sometimes it’s a bit flirty from guys but in general, it’s a good thing. SO MUCH better than some countries I’ve visited this summer where they don’t look you in the eye….let’s just say it’s Nordic 🙂

2. The Chinese chef. He must be lonely b/c I saw him looking at me from his work station while I caved and had hot steamy rice with beef and bamboo….mmmmmmmm! $19 cuz I had to pay for the tea….sheesh! When I walk by the store, he sees me and we wave with a lil Asian bow mixed in too. So cute! But we haven’t talked yet for I fear he might only speak Chinese so I’ll be at a loss…..for……words…..?!!!!!

3. My Brazilian boutique buddy. Sooooo I buy clothes here 🙂 And she is soooo sweet and GORGEOUS! I can take a pic of her….soooon soooon…we’re gonna eat CHURRASCO together (=Braz bbq!) She picks all the clothes herself and most are from Paris. Tres chic 🙂 She is so kind and friendly so we’ve become fast friends…and I have some amazing clothes.

4. My neighbours…so who really knows them? But yes there are cute guys who live here 🙂 Actually we just got some new ones and so they asked me in for a drink but I was going out so I couldn’t do it. They have a baby and are tall, lanky and chic…chic is a common theme here I believe 🙂 BUT I did walk out with their Parisian friend so we had a chat til we parted ways near the train station—friendliest Parisian I’ve ever met in the first 5 minutes….obviously b/c she’s outta that beautiful but MEAN place!

OK gotta go get shoes repaired and walk it to work! YEAH 🙂

TBC maybe?

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