I only have two readers but…

…one is so demanding! ANH! LOL 🙂

It’s true: the pace has picked up and I just finished the most jam-packed week of my young Geneva experience…What exactly was that?? Well, you’d have to ask me to find out 🙂

But here are some thoughts n fun:

DRINKING. This is Europe baby! So me, who does not drink much in Canada is now tempted by daily drinks…but for a gal who is wayy into clothes, the endless wine bars and cheesy canapes will NOT help me fit into my cute chic clothes! So NO I can’t drink anymore….let’s be tough on this one, shall we? But actually, I have had at least 7 glasses this week and I am nowhere near alcoholism…this is just my life–ugh! But c’mon who doesn’t like to kick back with a few gin n tonics? (In addition to the wine…and gosh it’s only SAT morning!!!)

OK YO FAT ASS, you gotta run this weekend!

NO PAIN NO GAIN: malheureusement c’est vrai! :{ In terms of clothes, I kinda vouch for this (the first day in new shoes is the worst UNLESS they’re GEOX!) and in terms of diet, I’m gonna have to go this way too…In general, I don’t drink if I’m not exercising but somehow that just flew out the window during these fast-flying weeks in Geneva….

SWANS. Still following me! I love them.

That's my scarf: we are literally 30 cm from each other!

USA TV. I am catching up and it feels good. The Good Wife, Glee, Modern Family so far…what r u watching? I have a weakness for Idol and with the drama queen judges….call me!

HEALTH. Last week at this time, I was coming off my first party with new friends and so I went to bed VERY late…and even though my estomac had the rumbles, I ate fondue…Cathy = not a girl of wise party choices! This week, I am pumping iron…well in the food way. I bought all these things normally NOT part of my diet b/c I am anemic.

IRON DIET: pumpkin seeds, dried fruits, liver, beef, tofu, lentils, beets, spinach, clams…

Believe it or not, I have eaten all these things this week…It’s a far cry from my regular tomato and veggie ways but it’s a good thing. I’m eating a more varied diet and ideally, this is making me stronger but I think I need to lift weights too 🙂

Chatter blatter…I’ll be back 🙂

HUGS ANNIE, this one’s for ya! and da duckies!

Q: why do da duckies seem so peaceful?
A: C’est Geneve bien sur!

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